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The Western World Sans America

One of my readers asked “So if history was altered during the Rain of Fire, what happened to America?” Much like the industrial revolution, it doesn’t exist in my books.  When the Rain of Fire happened around 1,000 years ago, all progress was wiped out and pretty much everyone restarted from scratch.  When the “Western World” was discovered by the Iberians (Spanish / Portuguese),  they did not have the technological superiority they had during our actual history.  So, unable to conquer, they were forced to negotiate. An excerpt from my second book, Fall of the Righteous, when some of the main characters (David and Liam) meet Captain Trujillo, a sea-faring captain from the nation of Delaware (much of what is the mid-Atlantic states):   David surveyed the room. Most of the rest of the patrons had an odd hue to their skin, and they were dressed strangely. “Hey Jax, who are these fellows?” “These fellows are from the western world. Their ship is the Spotted Eagle, owned and operated by a Captain Trujillo. Come on, I’ll introduce you.” “Do they speak Avalonian?” Karinga shrugged. “Some of them do. The captain does, that’s for sure.” David gave a wry smile. “Want me to do the negotiating for you?” Jax sighed with relief. “I was hoping you would offer.” They headed over to the long table at which the crew of the Spotted Eagle were seated. Liam quickly joined them. “Captain Trujillo, this is Lord David Ki Kalendeen.” “Pleased to meet you, my lord,” the captain said, standing. His hair was completely black, straight, and he had no facial hair, as... read more

About The World…

Greetings! Welcome to my Author’s Blog.  My series, the Ki Kalendeen Chronicles, takes place in the modern world, approximately one thousand years after a global cataclysm called the Rain of Fire.  The Rain of Fire was caused by a group of Necromancers opening a portal to Hell, of which they quickly lost control.  It affected the entire world, drastically altered the topology of the world, and killed a full third of mankind in a matter of hours. A knight of the time, Sir Michael Babbitt, led a group of knights into the maelstrom.  Before they made their way inside the building which housed the dark ritual, the Archangel Uriel appeared to Sir Michael and gave him his sword, the Angelic Blade.  With it, he and his fellow group of knights fought the necromancers, called the Sons of Perdition, killing them to the man and closing the portal. The world they returned to was devastated.  Entire cities were gone, having mountains thrust up through where they once were, or often having sunk into the sea.  New lands also appeared.  Monarchies were toppled.  The only organization in Europe that, due to its decentralization, had escaped destruction was the Holy Church.  Sir Michael and the other knights stood before the newly elected Pontiff and were given a special commission.  They became the Knights of the Order of Holy Defenders.  The Holy Defenders still exist during the time of my series, which again, is modern day.  They are stationed in the city of Avonshire, which is approximately where Birmingham, England stands today. As for the rest of the British Isles, or Avalon, as... read more